Instagram CPA Marketing Ideas

Most people working on CPA pretend that it is some type of secretive information but honesty there really isn’t any template securing permission. It is actually just coming up with ideas and putting those ideas to the test and that’s basically how you come up with your own way of CPA. And that’s how we actually found an idea that actually works then it actually make us some money. And then we again test the method or we run campaigns which actually work.

Like I’m just saying all right I was on this guy out Facebook and I was reading his post. And he claims to make six figures a month from YouTube right. Because we got all kinds of YouTube stars family. And this family makes so much money every month in a year just from YouTube. Why because you know just record videos and upload videos on YouTube. Anyone can make a lot of money alright but by focusing on one little thing. Trying to focus on one little thing trying to find that one little method that’s how I can make money. If you want to focus on CPA focus on marketing strictly and carefully. But don’t try other people method try to invent yours.

More than a year I’m working on the Instagram CPA methods all right mainly because I was told by guys about its history and the money it’s generating. With you guys, I’m gone share my methods and case study.

Getting started:

You know you don’t need any money to start only thing you need is a domain or a post and that’s it all right. That’s all you need to start because you need your own server to manage everything you need your own tracking you need own needs everything. Alright, so that’s why I was telling people a lot of people about Instagram because you don’t really need anyone right. And you can fill it up on Instagram. And you can earn 50$ a day if you needed to. Instagram is a social media use via with mobile. You can use any CPA network which works fine for you I’m using offer vault. I’m using it because it easy to find an offer on it which suit you. I’m gone tell you some stuff all right me personally I barely even been touching Instagram for the past few days. Instagram is a source of free traffic so you don’t have to invest on traffic. Just keep using the hashtags for Instagram likes & followers and keep rising.

Instagram Traffic:

We are going to do it basically so first find offer we got 70, 71 pages to choose from final offer. Let see it’s about phone all right only thing you got to do is find one offer that suits you. Now I really recommend before you run any offer you test it yourself to see if it converted one day you can use  VPN with blogging different countries oh yeah if you need. But if you’re in u.s. you want to run U.S offer just test it through the different state. I’m not saying you go in here and fill all these offers if you do they’re probably going to ban you. I’m just saying you know when you run an offer right just test it to see if it works. so you can run to offer yourself and see if it works all right and you know if it works for you then it probably could be can become actually good offer.

Affiliates marketing:

There are many offers on affiliates that you can check out stuff like that coming up with revenue.
Not every offer going to generate you money as we know there are millions of people using Instagram. But its depend on what type of people is following you or watching your campaign. Remember now you don’t have any money in your pocket you aren’t got anything you pocket right. So I’m recommend telling you what traffic source to use I’m telling you Instagram. Alright once you put your offer on Instagram you see how people orders you see what’s covering what’s going on Instagram. Through your account, you ran traffic alright and you can get you a persistent flow of traffic every day Through Instagram. We need thirty dollars a day on running our campaign it’s not a lot of money but my account brought that same amount of traffic in for free all using Instagram. so that’s why I kind of want to recommend that you actually put Instagram to the test all right and inside the course revenue.

Instagram Account:

You can use the different account for your offer but make sure they all have good follower so you can run offer easy without invest money in it.

This is my method try to invent your and don’t forget to share it with people.


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Instagram tips – How to manage hashtags to your posts


instagram hashtags

How to manage hashtags to your posts:

How to organize hashtags and make it a little bit easier to post multiple hashtags into your Instagram post.

So I’m going to show you a method that I use that makes things a little bit quicker and easier for me. So I just put a new post on Instagram in this is the view of how it looks on my iPad and in this, I am going to add some hashtags, and so you can see that I’ve made the post the image here and the description.



I just have one hashtag which is my main hashtag.  I would recommend just using a minimum amount of hashtags in your actual description.

less hashtags

One reason is that you have some Prime real estate when people are scrolling through Instagram they’re only going to see the first part of your description. And you want to make sure you save that real estate for your valuable content.

And another reason is if you’re sharing this image on other accounts you may not want a lot of hashtags to appear. So I sometimes will share my Instagram posts from Facebook onto my fan page and so when I share the image the original description will go with it. But I don’t like to have a lot of hashtags on Facebook because it doesn’t fit as well.

So I add the hashtags later in the comment. And the way that I do that is actually by using the desktop, and so I go into my Instagram account, and I can see here the post that I just made. And I click and open that and right here on the desktop, I can click to leave a comment. Whenever you put hashtags into the comments, it will be associated with that post itself. And I like to organize my hashtags into a list. I normally keep them on Google Drive. I put them into small groups and label them based on what they’re about. Take some hashtags, for example, I take a quote, and I will just grab a few of these hashtags here. I will copy them in Instagram. Put those hashtags which fit the particular image.

So it’s really important when you’re using hashtags. Make sure they’re relevant to the image or the video that you’re posting because you don’t want to just randomly stuff it with hashtags that really won’t help the targeted audience.

So the other thing that this post happens to be about this quote is email marketing. So I’m going to copy hashtags which are relevant to email marketing. I just go back over into the post.  And I can paste them. So then I just hit return, and you can see all the comments will show up right there. The hashtags in the comments and if I refresh this back over my mobile device. And the comments should show up here. So that’s the way I save time and add my hashtags after posting on the app. itself.

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How Often Should You Post on Instagram? – a Big Question Answered

When you should be posting on and as you going to discover his never really hard and fast rules and doesn’t even matter that much although try and get small changes in results If you optimize your posting schedule. So let me walk you through the best practices for posting your content on Instagram.

So how often should you post is a very popular question people ask on Instagram and I’m fortunately I can’t answer this specific to your business. Just because it’s different for every single niche depending what type of business and what you’re talking audience expects from your type of business. But I can give you broad guidelines that can work.

Posting minimum of once a week is pretty important because you won’t let your people know that you’re still active on Instagram so people don’t unfollow you get annoyed by the lack of content that you sharing so I would set that of the minimum. 99% unless of course, you have a specific strategy. once every two weeks that may be fine if that works for you. You can go over this depending on your need and what type of Instagram account you run.

And you also can’t overly post, let’s say you post 21 times a week would you three times a day you don’t want to be clogging up people’s news feeds, and you can’t maintain a high quality of the post. If you are posting ten times a day because it’s just impossible to do to make sure you put some quality stuff. You can post three maybe four times a day you just have to be careful that people see you too much and then use feed and don’t like what you push that day it’s very easy for them to quickly unfollow you.

So I recommend putting a between once a week and three times a day. I know it were gross but tested the best way to find out what’s great for you to test this supposed once a week to see what type of interaction you are getting on the media that you try and also see if your followers are coming at the same rate. If your account is growing at the same rate as the next week, where you were posting 3 times a day or twice a day or once a day I just see if it make sure I’ll see if people liking your photos less I see if people are on falling you and just give it some trial and to see what works for if you were to start with the number I recommend starting posting about 4 to 5 times a week.  Some companies give 100 free likes on instagram so whenever you post something you also can take followers from them.

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3 Tips To Gain Real Instagram Followers Super Fast

I see a lot of people buying Instagram followers nowadays. Then they wonder why their account has little to no activity probably wondering why am I qualified to help you guys out with the Instagram account. So to give you a little background I’ve managed 5 Instagram accounts recently within the last two years and each of them was past ten thousand followers. Now so I know how Instagram works and I know the best way to gain real followers, and so I am going to give you five proven tips. I’ve used them, and they have helped me.

So without further late let’s get to the 5 tip suggestions.

Tip 1 – Don’t Buy Instagram Followers

Don’t buy Instagram followers it’s simple guys just don’t do it. You’re ruining your Instagram account, and it’s doing 0 work for you, I mean those are Bots you’re buying, but you’re spending your hard-earned cash on nothing. And it doing nothing for you so don’t buy Instagram followers. Seriously it’s a waste of time. I got to know your audience in this goes into more of a business perspective like if you have a business or clothing brand on Instagram, you need to know your audience. But at the start, you can take 100 free followers.

Tip 2- Reach the Right Audience:

So if you’re making a brand all about sports like what’s football, you need to find people that like football. It’s simple as those guy’s you can’t just be following random people that are interested in football because you’re not going to get the user activity that you want and nobody’s going to follow you back.

Tip 3- Follow Active Users

Follow active users and this is really important because you could just follow people all day long and have a bunch of the following. I mean you’re literally falling like hundreds and hundreds of people but nobody’s following you back in the reason for that might be because they’re not active. So to find active people it kind of goes back in at number to knowing your audience. So let’s say you established the clothing line that like I said before caters to football fans and stuff like that go to one of your favorite teams weather in Steelers Cowboys or whatever and go to their most recent photo and what you’re going to see is a bunch of people like it.

That photo those are all active users guys and those are the people you need to be following and I promise you within minutes are going to see 10,20 people at least follow you back right away and if not hundreds I mean you are going to get great results. In these are all real people and then, later on, you can unfollow them. if you feel like it’s really up to you.

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