Most people working on CPA pretend that it is some type of secretive information but honesty there really isn’t any template securing permission. It is actually just coming up with ideas and putting those ideas to the test and that’s basically how you come up with your own way of CPA. And that’s how we actually found an idea that actually works then it actually make us some money. And then we again test the method or we run campaigns which actually work.

Like I’m just saying all right I was on this guy out Facebook and I was reading his post. And he claims to make six figures a month from YouTube right. Because we got all kinds of YouTube stars family. And this family makes so much money every month in a year just from YouTube. Why because you know just record videos and upload videos on YouTube. Anyone can make a lot of money alright but by focusing on one little thing. Trying to focus on one little thing trying to find that one little method that’s how I can make money. If you want to focus on CPA focus on marketing strictly and carefully. But don’t try other people method try to invent yours.

More than a year I’m working on the Instagram CPA methods all right mainly because I was told by guys about its history and the money it’s generating. With you guys, I’m gone share my methods and case study.

Getting started:

You know you don’t need any money to start only thing you need is a domain or a post and that’s it all right. That’s all you need to start because you need your own server to manage everything you need your own tracking you need own needs everything. Alright, so that’s why I was telling people a lot of people about Instagram because you don’t really need anyone right. And you can fill it up on Instagram. And you can earn 50$ a day if you needed to. Instagram is a social media use via with mobile. You can use any CPA network which works fine for you I’m using offer vault. I’m using it because it easy to find an offer on it which suit you. I’m gone tell you some stuff all right me personally I barely even been touching Instagram for the past few days. Instagram is a source of free traffic so you don’t have to invest on traffic. Just keep using the hashtags for Instagram likes & followers and keep rising.

Instagram Traffic:

We are going to do it basically so first find offer we got 70, 71 pages to choose from final offer. Let see it’s about phone all right only thing you got to do is find one offer that suits you. Now I really recommend before you run any offer you test it yourself to see if it converted one day you can use  VPN with blogging different countries oh yeah if you need. But if you’re in u.s. you want to run U.S offer just test it through the different state. I’m not saying you go in here and fill all these offers if you do they’re probably going to ban you. I’m just saying you know when you run an offer right just test it to see if it works. so you can run to offer yourself and see if it works all right and you know if it works for you then it probably could be can become actually good offer.

Affiliates marketing:

There are many offers on affiliates that you can check out stuff like that coming up with revenue.
Not every offer going to generate you money as we know there are millions of people using Instagram. But its depend on what type of people is following you or watching your campaign. Remember now you don’t have any money in your pocket you aren’t got anything you pocket right. So I’m recommend telling you what traffic source to use I’m telling you Instagram. Alright once you put your offer on Instagram you see how people orders you see what’s covering what’s going on Instagram. Through your account, you ran traffic alright and you can get you a persistent flow of traffic every day Through Instagram. We need thirty dollars a day on running our campaign it’s not a lot of money but my account brought that same amount of traffic in for free all using Instagram. so that’s why I kind of want to recommend that you actually put Instagram to the test all right and inside the course revenue.

Instagram Account:

You can use the different account for your offer but make sure they all have good follower so you can run offer easy without invest money in it.

This is my method try to invent your and don’t forget to share it with people.


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