I see a lot of people buying Instagram followers nowadays. Then they wonder why their account has little to no activity probably wondering why am I qualified to help you guys out with the Instagram account. So to give you a little background I’ve managed 5 Instagram accounts recently within the last two years and each of them was past ten thousand followers. Now so I know how Instagram works and I know the best way to gain real followers, and so I am going to give you five proven tips. I’ve used them, and they have helped me.

So without further late let’s get to the 5 tip suggestions.

Tip 1 – Don’t Buy Instagram Followers

Don’t buy Instagram followers it’s simple guys just don’t do it. You’re ruining your Instagram account, and it’s doing 0 work for you, I mean those are Bots you’re buying, but you’re spending your hard-earned cash on nothing. And it doing nothing for you so don’t buy Instagram followers. Seriously it’s a waste of time. I got to know your audience in this goes into more of a business perspective like if you have a business or clothing brand on Instagram, you need to know your audience. But at the start, you can take 100 free followers.

Tip 2- Reach the Right Audience:

So if you’re making a brand all about sports like what’s football, you need to find people that like football. It’s simple as those guy’s you can’t just be following random people that are interested in football because you’re not going to get the user activity that you want and nobody’s going to follow you back.

Tip 3- Follow Active Users

Follow active users and this is really important because you could just follow people all day long and have a bunch of the following. I mean you’re literally falling like hundreds and hundreds of people but nobody’s following you back in the reason for that might be because they’re not active. So to find active people it kind of goes back in at number to knowing your audience. So let’s say you established the clothing line that like I said before caters to football fans and stuff like that go to one of your favorite teams weather in Steelers Cowboys or whatever and go to their most recent photo and what you’re going to see is a bunch of people like it.

That photo those are all active users guys and those are the people you need to be following and I promise you within minutes are going to see 10,20 people at least follow you back right away and if not hundreds I mean you are going to get great results. In these are all real people and then, later on, you can unfollow them. if you feel like it’s really up to you.

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