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How to manage hashtags to your posts:

How to organize hashtags and make it a little bit easier to post multiple hashtags into your Instagram post.

So I’m going to show you a method that I use that makes things a little bit quicker and easier for me. So I just put a new post on Instagram in this is the view of how it looks on my iPad and in this, I am going to add some hashtags, and so you can see that I’ve made the post the image here and the description.



I just have one hashtag which is my main hashtag.  I would recommend just using a minimum amount of hashtags in your actual description.

less hashtags

One reason is that you have some Prime real estate when people are scrolling through Instagram they’re only going to see the first part of your description. And you want to make sure you save that real estate for your valuable content.

And another reason is if you’re sharing this image on other accounts you may not want a lot of hashtags to appear. So I sometimes will share my Instagram posts from Facebook onto my fan page and so when I share the image the original description will go with it. But I don’t like to have a lot of hashtags on Facebook because it doesn’t fit as well.

So I add the hashtags later in the comment. And the way that I do that is actually by using the desktop, and so I go into my Instagram account, and I can see here the post that I just made. And I click and open that and right here on the desktop, I can click to leave a comment. Whenever you put hashtags into the comments, it will be associated with that post itself. And I like to organize my hashtags into a list. I normally keep them on Google Drive. I put them into small groups and label them based on what they’re about. Take some hashtags, for example, I take a quote, and I will just grab a few of these hashtags here. I will copy them in Instagram. Put those hashtags which fit the particular image.

So it’s really important when you’re using hashtags. Make sure they’re relevant to the image or the video that you’re posting because you don’t want to just randomly stuff it with hashtags that really won’t help the targeted audience.

So the other thing that this post happens to be about this quote is email marketing. So I’m going to copy hashtags which are relevant to email marketing. I just go back over into the post.  And I can paste them. So then I just hit return, and you can see all the comments will show up right there. The hashtags in the comments and if I refresh this back over my mobile device. And the comments should show up here. So that’s the way I save time and add my hashtags after posting on the app. itself.

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