When you should be posting on and as you going to discover his never really hard and fast rules and doesn’t even matter that much although try and get small changes in results If you optimize your posting schedule. So let me walk you through the best practices for posting your content on Instagram.

So how often should you post is a very popular question people ask on Instagram and I’m fortunately I can’t answer this specific to your business. Just because it’s different for every single niche depending what type of business and what you’re talking audience expects from your type of business. But I can give you broad guidelines that can work.

Posting minimum of once a week is pretty important because you won’t let your people know that you’re still active on Instagram so people don’t unfollow you get annoyed by the lack of content that you sharing so I would set that of the minimum. 99% unless of course, you have a specific strategy. once every two weeks that may be fine if that works for you. You can go over this depending on your need and what type of Instagram account you run.

And you also can’t overly post, let’s say you post 21 times a week would you three times a day you don’t want to be clogging up people’s news feeds, and you can’t maintain a high quality of the post. If you are posting ten times a day because it’s just impossible to do to make sure you put some quality stuff. You can post three maybe four times a day you just have to be careful that people see you too much and then use feed and don’t like what you push that day it’s very easy for them to quickly unfollow you.

So I recommend putting a between once a week and three times a day. I know it were gross but tested the best way to find out what’s great for you to test this supposed once a week to see what type of interaction you are getting on the media that you try and also see if your followers are coming at the same rate. If your account is growing at the same rate as the next week, where you were posting 3 times a day or twice a day or once a day I just see if it make sure I’ll see if people liking your photos less I see if people are on falling you and just give it some trial and to see what works for if you were to start with the number I recommend starting posting about 4 to 5 times a week. ¬†Some companies give¬†100 free likes on instagram so whenever you post something you also can take followers from them.

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